Parsons Junior Zoe Nellen for Denon Eyewear

Since August 2020 Fashion Design Junior Zoé Nellen has been working with the new sustainably focused eyewear brand Denon. She started by creating their logo as they launched they brand. Zoé explains that it took a few weeks of proposals and feedback exchange until the logo was finally approved to be printed on all the products. After the successful creation of the logotype Zoé was asked to create silhouettes that feature the glasses. The silhouettes are being used on Denon’s website, Instagram and business cards. Currently She is continuing to work with the brand to create more content and technical flats.

Zoe’s thoughts on the experience:

“Overall, it’s been an amazing experience to witness something you make become something concrete actually physically printed and used by a brand, and to create an aesthetic for someone else. I am excited to see where this will go.”

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