Denon Eyewear Debuts Core Collection

Denon’s newest core collection design serves customers with utmost comfort and durability. This collection was designed by integrating and merging the luxurious experience and style of two generations into a single line. These frames were designed by bringing together exquisite shapes and excellent quality materials like acetate, stainless steel, or titanium, which showcase the right balance between sophistication and simplicity.

With features like German working rivet hinges, soft silicone nose pads, and adjustable arms, all aimed to enhance the customer’s experience. The quality and style are unique which only amplifies the confidence in the customers. The time-honored classics are now available with a modern twist, fused together with bold colors and unique silhouettes.

‘Julian’, ‘Sophie’, Sol’, `Devon’ and “Penelope’ are some of the few frames which are the bestsellers in sync with the current trends of clean lines and classic styles. Devon’s predictions of the evolving market and buying patterns helped determine what the customers exactly want. This collection stands out by empowering consumers and its innovative ways.

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