20/20 The Issue of Women and Their Eyewear

Give us the grace of some depth to our thoughts here as 20/20 faces this issue of women and their eyewear and sunwear moving into the beginning of 2023.

This is the most trendsetting and powerful leap in style we’ve witnessed in at least a full decade of charting the impact of absolutely great eyewear. We truly wish you could have been at our monthly product review as we parceled through an incredible selection of frames. And that flame continued as we participated in the photo shoot experiences witnessed here where the styles, shapes, colors, textures, quality and fit in every pair was nothing short of amazing. You are in for a treat with this new year if you and your customers are ready for an evolution... a rebirth... a confirmation... that eyewear as seen

here with these fresh new women’s styles is on the verge of epic.

We’ve kept the trending short and relatively sweet since the voice of these frames is instilled and in style via their very presence. Take in the details. Please feel free to absorb the tremendous strides being made with fit and materials, and a sense of consciousness boding well for where we hope to be headed in our ongoing optical journey.

How fitting that women get the chance and choice to powerfully impact the ever-expanding opti-sphere with eyewear that is undoubtedly the ultimate in support of great vision.

And all done with that swagger making it the ultimate accessory. –James J. Spina


Full issue: https://www.2020mag.com/issue/february-2023

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